Every year the SCCA commercial photography program travels to Port Townsend, WA for a full week of high-production photoshoots around the Fort Flagger Area. This video is a gift from the 1st years, to the graduating class of 2014. May your carriers be as exciting and drawn out as this trip was! Much love, 2015. [All footage is from the class of 2015. Edited by Chloe. Timelapse be Jake Mcgraw]

Seattle Central Creative Academy Portshowlio 2015 | June 17 - 18 | Directed and Edited by Chloe Collyer. | Song: "Za Miracle" by OCnotes | Shot by Peter Hanson and Tim Haddock. Motion graphics by Tim Harding |  Song: "Za Miracle" by OCnotes 

One man describes his relationship with film photography. | Narrated by Colby Chester | Shot and Edited by Chloe Collyer

Proof-of-concept for Through my Rollei 

Filthy Fingers United and Black Magic Noize team up to release a split 420 release of stoned out tracks provided by nearly 40 producers and too many emcees. CD's, stickers, cyphers, blunts, and tapes. Come get the best the 206 has to offer on 4/20.